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Delta Electronics Thailand Attains Full Score from the AGM Quality Evaluation by Thai Investors Association (TIA)

Among 528 listed companies who joined Thai Investors Association’s (TIA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) Quality Evaluation program, Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited had attained the full score of 100 out of 100 from our recent 2014 AGM dated March 31, 2014. Delta’s score has exceeded the average score range between 89.5 to 92 points for three years in a row since 2012. Such achievement can attest to our transparency and good practices in corporate governance and the value we have been bringing to our shareholders.

Since 2006, the Thai Investors Association (TIA) has been conducting its AGM Quality Evaluation in order to maintain and improve the effectiveness of listed companies’ AGM in terms of the quality of information and documents for the event that are provided to shareholders, overall arrangement of the AGM from invitation to commencement and follow-up, Minutes of AGM and any other activities that shows the company’s respect and transparency with regard to the rights of the shareholders.

01 July 2014