Delta and DIP Launches Virtual Hackathon for Angel Fund 2021

Bangkok, Thailand, August 11, 2021- Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. joined hands with the Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP) under the Ministry of Industry (MOI) and partners to launch the first-ever virtual hackathon event for the Angel Fund for Startups 2021.

This year another company joins Delta as a corporate sponsor for Thai startups who will then get the chance to compete at the Shark Tank Thailand contest for additional investments. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the new hackathon event was held virtually.

The objective of the Hackathon is to allow industry leaders like Delta to help accelerate Thai startups’ potential by sharing unique expertise. In turn, Delta looks for opportunities to form mutually beneficial partnerships with these startups that can contribute to Thailand’s economy.

Speaking online, Jackie Chang, Delta Thailand President said, “On behalf of Delta Thailand, I would like to thank our partners and the startups for joining this event. Due to the success of the Delta Angel Fund program, this year we’ve added the Hackathon segment and we will select winning teams with solutions relevant to Delta and our partner’s businesses. We hope that this year’s expanded program will give Thai startups even more chances to succeed, even with the challenging pandemic situation.”

In the morning session, 13 teams pitched and six winning teams advanced to compete in the afternoon session finals. Of the six teams, two teams won the finals. Delta’s teams had to solve the following issues in their pitches:
1. How to create a business solution for an office building temperature control system?
2. What can we use cloud communications for pump control and monitoring systems for stations?
3. How can we create efficient manufacturing management?
4. How do we creatively use Delta’s products and services to create new market opportunities?

Each of the teams presented their original ideas to create or solve issues. The scores of each hackathon team are combined with their previous pitching round score for a total competition score.

The two winning teams and solutions of the inaugural Delta Angel Fund 2021 Hackathon were:
• First Place: SafeTrip team and Obodroid Corporation for their Flood Management and Warning System (FMWS). This solution aims to control flooding in Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) zones by adopting centralized control and monitoring of water levels and status at 11 pumping stations via 3G wireless transmission. It leverages CCTV to check pump operation and water levels for remote monitoring and control from anywhere by mobile device. The system integrates Delta’s programmable logic controller (PLC), 4G industrial routers, SCADA Software and Ethernet Switch to enable on-site mobile device control and real-time data display on control room screens.

• Second Place: Multi-Senses team for their Smart Maintenance Solution. This manufacturing solution helps managers monitor machines for predictive maintenance by transmitting data for real-time status display. The solution integrates Delta’s PLC, Ethernet switches and SCADA software for Manufacturing Management Program (MMP) to provide factory managers with precise analysis and data to demonstrate the benefits of machine maintenance in terms of reduced cost and increased equipment efficiency.

Delta and the DIP have funded startups through the Angel Fund for Startups for the past six years in support of the Thai government’s policies to develop local talent and incubate the innovative industry sector. Over the past five years, Delta has supported 158 teams in the Angel Fund with more than 16 million Baht. The fund has created startup projects generating outstanding economic value of over 500 million Baht.

Delta Hackathon Angel Funds


11 August 2021