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Delta Incorporation Founder Graces the Inaugural Delta Thailand SD Week 2017

Samutprakarn, Thailand, November 6, 2017 - Delta Thailand’s executives had the pleasure to welcome Mr. Bruce Cheng, Delta Incorporation’s (DEI) founder in Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. (DET) headquarter during DET’s inaugural Sustainable Development (SD) Week 2017 exhibition. DET’s Chairman, Mr. James Ng and DEI’s Chairman, Mr. Yancey Hai were present too. DET’s SD Week was held between November 6-17, 2017 with fun-filled activities, workshops, donation drive for charity and exhibition. The annual event seeks to educate Delta’s employees on the values of SD through different fun learning modes so that the employees can appreciate the values of the three SD pillars- Environmental, Social and Governance.

Mr. Bruce Cheng penned his thoughts in Mandarin on “My SD Goal” board during the opening of the SD Week 2017. His inspiring words are translated as “Cherish earth’s resources and protect our ecosystem”.

The series of events during SD Week 2017 include daily quiz posted on DET’s Facebook, Energy Education Demonstration by the volunteers, donation drive, guest speaker; and exhibition area focusing on DET’s SD goals and strategy, UN SDG and personal activities that can put SD principles into practice.

17 November 2017