Delta Electronics Thailand Joins Thailand Sustainability Investment 2020 in 6th Consecutive ESG Recognition

Bangkok, Thailand, December 15, 2020-Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. joins the Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) 2020 List. This year is in the sixth consecutive year for Delta to join the SET THSI List. Delta is among 124 SET-listed companies with outstanding performance on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects to enter the 2020 THSI List. This is up from the 51 companies listed in the inaugural 2015 THSI List.

Among the 124 companies in the 2020 THSI List, 114 are SET-listed companies and 10 companies are on the MAI (Market for Alternative Investment). The 2020 THSI List market capitalization is 9.63 trillion baht as of November 9, 2020, or 67% of the total market capitalization of SET and MAI, which is 14.39 trillion baht.

In 2015, the SET created the THSI list to offer an alternative investment in high performance ESG stocks for investors while supporting sustainable Thai companies. SET defines sustainable companies as companies that embrace risk management, supply chain management and innovations together with responsibility for environmental, social and governance aspects.

The SET THSI list is based on sustainable assessment questionnaires in 19 categories covering ESG dimensions. Companies on the THSI List must score over 50% on the assessments in each dimension's qualification criteria. THSI List companies must have a free-float of at least 20% with a trading ratio that is higher than 0.5% in at least nine out of the twelve months in the review period.

As a public-listed Thai company and global corporate citizen, Delta Thailand commits to energy-efficient innovation and sustainable growth that adds value to investors and stakeholders.




17 December 2020