Delta Supplying Healthy and Green Ventialtion to Thailand's Homes and Workplaces

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As a top global DC fan provider, Delta Electronics pioneered the development of DC brushless motor technology ventilation paired with our switching power supply technology. To tackle the critical issues of PM2.5 and indoor air pollution, Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. is introducing our quiet and energy-efficient DC motor indoor air quality (IAQ) and ventilation fan products, recognized by the U.S. EPA with ENERGY STAR® awards.

This article outlines how Delta’s IAQ and ventilation fan solutions can help protect us from air pollution and transform our homes and workplaces into healthy and green spaces in the next normal. It also describes how Delta’s award-winning DC motor fans can offer homeowners and businesses big savings on electric bills while creating a comfortable and livable environment for smart green building occupants.

1. Introduction

2. Trends Shaping Life in Thailand’s New Normal

    2.1 Healthier Green Buildings In Thailand  

    2.2 Smart HVAC and Ventilation

    2.3 New Normal Smart Green Home Opportunities

3. Delta Electronics a Pioneer of DC Motor Ventilation Solutions

    3.1 DC Motor Ventilation Fans and Air Exchange System

    3.2 Energy Recovery Ventilation Solutions

4. Summary

While COVID-19 threatened our health and disrupted our daily lives, it did offer us the chance to finally get serious about our health and choose to be part of the solution by protecting ourselves, and loved ones.

At Delta, we envision a renaissance in green home design and healthy living during the new normal as Thais choose more efficient ventilation options and safe indoor air quality solutions. Our trailblazing development of DC brushless motor ventilation fans is the foundation for ever-smarter and greener solutions for Thailand.

In the future, we believe ventilation will change from an afterthought to a “must-have” for all Thais looking to enjoy a more safe, healthy and happy green life in the new normal. We believe that clean fresh air is a basic right for every member of our families including our pets to enjoy every day. 

02 November 2021