Delta Sustainable Development Part 1: What SD Means For Delta Thailand

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Nowadays, major global companies like Delta believe lasting success comes from building a sustainable business that involves much more than just trying to making profits. Let’s take a quick look at what sustainable development or SD means for us at Delta Thailand by examining:

  • What is SD?
  • What’s the Difference Between SD and CSR?
  • How Everyone at Delta Drives SD

What is SD?

Delta Green Solutions

At Delta, we strive to build a business that benefits all the people we involve or get impact by our operations. Our “stakeholders” can include customers, suppliers, employees, communities and even the public.


Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) are the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and social impact of business investment. Strong ESG performance makes us a globally competitive business, sustainable operation and ultimately gives us the social license to operate in Thailand.


  • We need to consider the world environment to see what people around the world need today and will need tomorrow and what resources we have to fulfill their needs.
  • We also fit our business to meet the social needs in Thailand and find the right talent here to grow our operations.
  • Finally, we tap into economic and technology trends to become more competitive over the long-term.

The Difference Between SD and CSR

Delta Sustainability

You may have heard about Delta and other companies having regular corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to help their employees, society and the environment. But did you know that Delta’s SD is much more long term, integrated and focused than most traditional CSR activities? This is why SD at Delta creates a much more positive impact on everyone. 


Our SD is actually the CSR we do every day in all our processes. It’s a core part of our daily work at Delta.

We measure what we put into our SD work and how much we accomplish to see the total value in both quantity and quality. Our SD targets are 100% related to our mission and brand promise to customers. Yearly awards for our outstanding performance increases the value of our Delta brand.

At Delta, SD is never just a one day CSR activity! We invest in SD as a continuous process every day as long as Delta Thailand exists.  

How Everyone at Delta Drives SD

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As you can see, Delta’s sustainable development is a continuous process, and the success of our organization depends on all of our employees’ daily decisions and actions. At Delta, we strive to keep growing and stretching ourselves to do better, we challenge our team members to can start each day with the question: What did I do yesterday to fulfill our mission, and what will I do today to improve?

Here are some ways we encourage everyone to drive SD at Delta:

  • Strive for excellence and Kaizen at your job. Always go above and beyond expectations for our customers!
  • Give feedback to supervisors or department. Be part of the solution!
  • Learn more about our energy-saving products and how they protect our planet.
  • Keep learning and sharing knowledge for a better life with our families and friends.
  • Get involved in Delta activities that uplift our communities.
  • Take pride in our role in making the world a safer, healthier and happier place.

Discover more about Delta Thailand’s CSR work on our website.

You can also find out more about our SD performance on the annual Delta Thailand SD Reports.

Thank you for your continuous support of Delta as we move forward together in this exciting sustainability journey!

18 Febuary 2021