Delta Thailand Industrial Power Supply Business Creating a Made-In-Thailand Brand for the World

Bangkok, Thailand, December 22, 2020- Delta is known for our OEM/ODM designs of power supplies for over 30 years and started shipping our own standard power supplies globally for the past 12 years.

Delta Thailand’s Industrial Power Supplies (IPS) team has grown over these 12 years, ever since we started in Thailand with just a handful models of DINRAIL and Panel mount supplies.

Over the years the product range has widened with multiple DINRAIL series, Panel Mount series, Household power supplies, Stage Lighting, Open frame, Medical power supplies and power supplies for home automation and many more applications.

Our Thailand-based IPS team has delivered more than 200+ designs for industrial, stage lighting, energy, building automation power supplies. At the same time, we’ve grown from around 20 people to over 45 team members who’ve delivered over 120 designs in last 5-6 years.

The Delta Thailand IPS team has vast experience over designing convection cooled power supplies ranging from 3W to 1000Watts. This has helped us penetrate new markets and we now sell IPS products to worldwide customers.


We now have dedicated IPS staff in Taiwan, Thailand, China, EMEA and North East Asia who are committed to expanding the Delta brand across verticals. With development and manufacturing at our DET base, we are proud to be part of making Delta’s “Made-in-Thailand” standard power supplies a customer favorite.

Delta Power Suppliers

For more information about Delta Thailand power supplies visit our industrial power supply product page or search through our extensive portfolio to find specific models and all the latest news about Delta’s standard power supply business at the Delta Thailand Industrial Power Supply website.

22 December 2020