Let’s Show Our Furry Friends Some Love With Proper Ventilation!

Air pollution affects every member of your family, including our lovable pets! That’s why upgrading your ventilation system at your home, pet salons or pet hotel lets your fur babies enjoy healthy and happy lives.

“Remember, a pet-friendly environment starts with good indoor air quality”

 Delta Supply Fan

Powerful Air Intake & Exhaust – Get Fresh Air Without Outdoor Air Pollution 

Pet hair, dander and pet odor can quickly build up in our indoor environments. This can cause allergies for humans and indoor air pollutants might be even more harmful to your sensitive pet friends.
- We recommend the ‘Delta Fresh Air Supply Fan’ which works with our ‘Inline Exhaust Fan’ to take contaminated air outside while supplying fresh air to the inside of your rooms.
- By installing ductwork, you can get fresh air distributed to multiple rooms, with separate inlets and outlets. We also have multi-models in our fresh air product lines to accommodate the needs of different room sizes and air exchange rates.

Delta IAQ

Pet hotels and clinics have to keep air conditioning running for hours to keep pets cool in tropical Thailand. That’s why proper ventilation really matters! By using Delta’s Energy Recovery Ventilator, you can help the entire room meet its required ventilation rate. The innovative exchange core adjusts your indoor temperature and humidity, which reduces your air conditioning’s energy consumption.

Delta’s PM2.5 DC Energy Recovery Ventilator is equipped with an energy-saving DC motor and three-layer filters, including the HEPA filter which can help block harmful PM2.5 and purify air with up to 97% efficiency. And we have multiple specifications for your different room sizes.

05 August 2020