Pioneering ultra-fast charger set to accelerate Indonesia’s EV uptake

JAKARTA, February 2, 2020 – The future of electric vehicles (EVs) in Indonesia just got brighter with the launch of the nation’s first super-fast EV charger.

To showcase the power and ease-of-use that super-fast chargers offer, an Indonesian state-owned power generation company launched the Delta Electronics 150kW ultra-fast charger (UFC). This is the first of its kind to operate in Southeast Asia. 


Delta EVs in Indonesia

Debut of Delta’s ultra-fast charger proves the practicality of EVs and paves the way for Indonesia’s EV future

While the average EV quick charger can add around 35 km of driving range per hour, the new super-fast charger – developed and manufactured by Delta Electronics – can add 100 km to the latest EV models in less than 10 minutes.

The demonstration showcases how quick, safe and convenient super-fast chargers are for Indonesian EV owners and provides a glimpse into the future of the country’s EV infrastructure.

“Public super-fast chargers are the key to growing Indonesia’s EV market because everyone can confidently choose EVs when you have chargers that boost driving range in minutes. This takes away range anxiety and meets the needs of our busy lifestyles,” said Johnny Tam, Senior Business Development Director at Delta Electronics in Southeast Asia. “Strategic installation of public super-fast charging stations has helped tip the scales in favor of EV adoption in many countries, and I believe it will work in Indonesia too.”

Mr. Tam cites the example of China’s large-scale EV adoption. Instead of subsidizing EV purchases, the Chinese government now focuses on building EV charging infrastructure and plans to reach 500,000 public EV charging outlets to serve 5 million EVs within 2020.

China is leading the world’s adoption of EVs and today accounts for almost half of the world’s electric cars according to International Energy Agency (IEA).

Standard public DC quick chargers provide around 50kW of power output. In contrast, Delta’s breakthrough UFC can scale up to 100kW and 150kW making it a flexible and future-proof solution for Indonesia’s growing e-mobility infrastructure. Moreover, Delta’s UFC can also provide AC/DC charging for up to 4 cars simultaneously – a technological feat unmatched by others.

But it may take some time before this high-output UFC appears in many public EV charging stations as they can impact the power grid’s stability.

To ease the strain that high-power chargers have on the grid, operators can install energy storage and power conditioning systems to help balance the grid and supply backup power as needed.

Delta Electronics has successfully installed ultra-fast charging stations for EVs across Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and many other countries. It’s also the very first to deliver the 150kW UFC to the global market.

To prepare for more EVs on the roads, Mr. Tam suggests that the Indonesian government install a network of UFCs across different locations and conduct trials to see the impact on the grid and if optimizing existing power supply infrastructure is necessary.

Jakarta’s bold plan to build a new capital in East Kalimantan also offers hope for the country’s electrification with the opportunity to create a smart and sustainable power grid infrastructure that supports e-mobility.

There needs to be hundreds, if not thousands, of public EV charging outlets across Indonesia to give the public confidence to embrace EVs – following the example and success of countries leading e-mobility. And the recent installation of ultra-fast charger in Jakarta is just the beginning.

“Going forward, both the public sector and the EV industry must continue their collaboration on the road towards electrification,” said Mr. Tam. “E-mobility will make everyone’s lives more convenient and help us have cleaner air and a greener Indonesia.”


09 March 2020