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May 17, 2017

Delta Awarded Scholarships and Bursaries for Students in Northern Thailand
For 17 years, Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. together with Delta Electronics Foundation (Taiwan) have been awarding scholarships and bursaries to students in Northern Thailand. Such assistance helps students from needy families who have done well academically to defray their cost of education. The recent award ceremonies were held at the Chiangmai Yunnan Association and The Yunnan Association of Thailand in Chiangrai on July 15 and 16, 2017, respectively.

270 primary school students and 171 high school students were awarded the bursaries. Six high school students with outstanding academic results were awarded scholarships with a total amount of 181,420 baht that included allowance and tuition fees. The 441 bursary and scholarship recipients came from 15 schools in Chiang Mai and 34 schools in Chiang Rai.

Personnel representing Delta (Thailand) at the ceremonies were Mr. Vichai Saksuriya, Operations Vice President, Ms. Kathaleeya Pungudom, Ms. Huang Tzu-chi, Ms. Chuang Kai-ting and Ms. Kuo Mei-chun. Overseas guests were Mr. Kao Yi-fan and Ms. Chen Wen-chen from Delta Electronics Foundation (Taiwan); and Mr. Lin Guan-hong, Assistant for Overseas Compatriot Affairs Division from Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (Thailand). Lunch and transport were catered by Delta (Thailand) for the students and teachers to ensure everyone can participate in the joyous occasion.

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