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February 21, 2017

The Federation of Thai Industry Visited Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. Driving Towards Industry 4.0
February 21, 2017 Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. President, Mr. Hsieh Shen-yen and Executive Director, Dr. Anusorn Muttaraid, welcome The Committee of Industry 4.0 and The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) teams at Delta’s head office in Bangpoo Industrial Estate. The guests included Mr. Chen Namchaisiri, President of The Federation of Thai Industries, Dr. Katiya Greigarn, Chairman of The Committee of Industry 4.0; and Mr. Prateep Engchuan, Director of Bangpoo Industrial Estate. The program covered discussion and sharing of operation experiences as well as a visit to the production line to observe the automation process. The session was initiated by FTI as part of their effort to enhance guidelines for industrial development toward Industry 4.0 and Thailand 4.0.
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