Research & Development

R&D expenses of the past 5 years

  Unit 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total R&D Expenses USD (millions) 63.15 60.96 60.12 58.15 71.52
R&D Expenses as % of Sales % of Sales 4.8% 4.5% 4.4% 4.2% 5.4%
FTEs: Full time equivalent

R&D headcount per location

R&D Locations 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Thailand* 370 359 333 313 353
Soest 170 170 175 175 172
Teningen 118 88 85 83 83
Switzerland 32 20 18 18 16
Finland & Poland 23 22 23 21 25
Hangzhou 44 45 44 49 48
Gurgaon 45 57 64 73 120
Romania 16 16 16 15 15
East Kilbride 17 13 15 15 16
จำนวนพนักงานรวม 835 790 773 762 848

R&D expenses in 2016 were increased when compared to those of the previous years.  The R&D activities in the previous year basically focused on the development of automotive products which is considered new business of the company and also the development of some other products to serve the customers’ various requirements.  Delta has increased the efficiency of its power products by broadening the application of its key technologies. Furthermore, Delta pursues the continuity in developing energy saving power devices and to realize its green environmental targets.  

The Company’s worldwide R&D centers (10 in total), located in Asia and Europe, have succeeded through their cooperation with the Delta group research centers in Raleigh (USA) and Shanghai (China),  to maintain and extend the R&D leadership of the Company in terms of energy saving power supply. In order to fulfill our wish for a better future, the Company has developed a long-term partnership with renowned universities. This is a sustainable way to establish a long-term and continuous relationship with young and experienced people, to take care of technological, innovative and eco-friendly products.

Delta values a close cooperation with key customers who are primarily worldwide market leaders for new technologies, products and innovations as well as customers in new industries. On the basis of this cooperation and the related information exchange, we are prepared to respond to new future market challenges.

Through Delta’s leadership position in the market, achieved with green thinking over the past decades, the Company will continue its efforts to expand their know-how to develop new energy-saving technologies in the future and further reduce world pollution.

Server Storage Networking (SNT)


AC/DC Power Supply (6000W)
with 98 % efficiency

Delta’s worldwide R&D team has accumulated decades of experience and knowledge in developing highly sophisticated customized power supplies for well-known companies in the IT domain, networking and telecommunications industry. We have applied our knowledge into developing new products beyond traditional power supplies which enabled us to become a system solution provider.

In 2016 more than 20 products have been launched and transferred from design to mass production. Efficiency continued to be the key driver for our customers, especially for the Internet industry. In addition to efficiency, higher power density is a key requirement especially because of the open compute server market. We have met these dynamic market requirements by incorporating a new circuit topology using high integrated magnetic component design, the latest semiconductor technology and a modular design approach, to achieve the highest possible power density and efficiency. Delta deployed a new platform design, rated to 3kW power with power density of 60W/in³ and peak efficiency of 97% to several custom specific products. In addition, Delta team has developed the next generation technology to achieve efficiency > 98 % with same power density. Here the next step for a 6 kW AC/DC technology platform was developed as well and will be rolled out in the next year. These technology platforms have a high degree of standardization and allow flexible customization with minimum design effort. So one platform design is the basic for multiple custom specific product.

In addition to pure power supply design, R&D’s core achievement was the continuous extension of our product offering to additional products used in Datacenters, like complete severs shelfs with distribution panel and power distribution units. Our R&D team was able to meet and even surpass our customers’ expectations moving forward to solutions offering.

Power Solutions for Electric Vehicles (EV)

In 2016 Delta R&D has brought additional Battery Junction boxes, DC/DC converters and on-board charger products to mass production. Here, Delta could further extend in addition to the wide customer base on power supply solutions for AC/DC on-board charging units its product portfolio in the demanding automotive market with highly efficient DC/DC converters and various Battery Junction Boxes. Delta R&D extended its product offering by an innovative combination of DC/DC converters and on-board charger for different power levels up to 11 kW.

Delta R&D was awarded 11 kW On-Board-Charger (OBC) projects in 2016. This largest model is operational at single phase as well as 3-phase, applicable in US, Europe and Asia.


11kW On-Board-Charger with
adjustable 1-phase and 3-phase input

The 7.2 kW on-board charger platform was further deployed to mass production for several larger OEM customers. Delta could extend it’s modular technology platform from 3 x 3.7 kW modules to new 3 x 7.4 kW modules allowing 22 kW in one package.

These modules incorporate the latest innovations in terms of topology and component selection. Furthermore, it has many sophisticated software functions, optimized production and assembly strategies, high power density and high efficiency.

The investments in wireless charging technology were continued at a reasonable level. A new demonstrator was demonstrated successfully at 7.4 kW power level for fork-lift truck applications in close collaboration with lead customers.

Custom Designed Power Supplies for Industrial/ Medical Device Applications


Charger Cabinet: Modular System
for Industrial Applications

Several major innovations have been performed by Delta’s R&D team in 2016 to provide our customers with the best-in-class cost-performance ratio for industrial and medical applications, such as factory automation, machinery and robotics, battery charging technology, ultrasound application, artificial respiration and dialysis. Delta R&D transferred six DIN Rail power supplies, three medical products and two further industrial products to mass production.

The use of advanced power and control technology has led to products with the best-in-class parameter stability, efficiency, operation flexibility and reliability.

Delta R&D team completed the design of modular charging platform and will transfer this important platform to mass production in 2017. Customer demonstration units are operating successfully and market feedback is extrem positive to this outstanding product. The system implements a flexible solution that meets multiple customer needs based on a core technology platform. The system will allow charging of different battery chemistries, from Lead-Acid to Lithium-Ion over a wide range from 100-2000 A/hr. The high efficient 3 kW charge module core is managed by a system controller that defines different charging profiles. The system is modular and can be configured from two modules in parallel up to ten, allowing 6kW to 30 kW charge power. In addition to the wired charging solution Delta R&D could win a custom design project for 30 kW wireless charging module for fork-lift charging. So, for industrial application Delta R&D offers now technology platform from 1 kW, 3.6 kW, 7.4 kW up to now 30 kW.


Medical Power Supply for ultrasound

In addition to the industrial charger product line, unique and highly complex multi-output power supplies have been introduced for Medical Ultrasound Products serving global market leaders with the best power conversion products of Delta Thailand.

Custom Designed Power and Control solutions for Residential Green Energy Systems

Delta R&D deployed in 2016 the Residential Green Energy System (RGES) Technology to the market. Delta stated mass production of the hybrid inverter and the bidirectional DC/DC converter the system is using. The unique transformer-less inverter product allows on-grid and backup operation. Together with a new bi-directional DC/DC power conversion linking the battery to the system these two elements provide the power and control solution for a residential green energy system. This system works for different use cases like self- consumption maximization of solar energy, peak shaving, load shifting and finally back-up during grid outages. The company’s new products have the highest efficiency and dense power conversion technology and comply with all new established standards in the US. The products are CEC certified 97% percent efficient which is outstanding in the market for a spilt-phase hybrid inverter.

Research and Development India

As part of DET R&D team, Delta India’s R&D team has expanded its development effort in multiple business areas and in developing new technologies.

The team has successfully launched 1MW solar power converters (central inverter), new generation SMCS for telecom, remote monitoring Gateways and new PDC solutions for datacenters. A new initiative has been made in product design to meet the future Make in India program.

For our key telecom business, a new range of SMCS solution is being developed as a contactor less SMCS, reducing the foot print and overall system size. Digital communication has replaced traditional wired interface for contactor control. This has brought higher reliability and prevents any tampering at site. These designs will enable customers to save on shelter space, and enhance the Delta offering.

Mega Watt Power

Mega Watt Power (MWP) R&D Team in Bangalore is now enhancing its design and development strength in more than Wind power. Solar Central Inverters - PVI, Power Quality, and other Megawatt power application.

In the year 2016, PVI division of MWP launched the 1MW inverter; 3MW Solar power is commissioned and generating utility power in India. Also, MW R&D has successfully developed 1.25MVAR SVG/STATCOM for industrial low voltage applications. R&D capability is getting expanded to go for medium voltage applications (<35kV) without having any transformers to make a highly efficient conversion process. The team will cooperate with Delta Shanghai to improve competency and accelerate overall growth plans for India R&D knowledge and the competency.

Delta R&D in India is increasing its investment in High Power Converters in multiple new areas of application.

MCIS Solutions

Delta India has now developed PDCs integrated with BACNET enabling our customers to seamlessly control and manage energy utilizing the BMS. This has further enhanced our offering of PDCs for datacenters. The customer is now able to integrate the BMS providing enhanced experience of using our PDC solutions.

In keeping line with future expansion and Make in India objective our team in India has developed products focusing India market more.

The IPS team had identified that it is important to develop more products for India and started to develop the power supplies for India in India, aiming to manufacture in India in the future. These ranges will provide boost to delta IPS in India market. The growing market for industrial power supplies in India will enable Delta to introduce these new designs in the market with superior quality and technology,

New generation smart relay, to cater to the increasing need in Industrial automation is also being developed. This fills a gap in the product portfolio of IABG and strengthens the market position of Delta in Industrial automation in India. The uniquely designed editors available on PC/Mobile and handheld design makes these devices extremely user friendly.
Monitoring and control Solutions

New generation remote monitoring system for solar system is enabled with an enhanced Delremo product. This gateway allows integration of multiple sensors, and solar inverters to provide data to a server from a single point connection. The application SW will enable users to view data on PC/Mobile devices at any time


An innovative E-surveillance solution and intelligent power management system has been developed by India R&D. ProTecht leverages proven remote monitoring technology solution that has been deployed at over 20,000 telecom towers spread across the length and breadth of India. This solution now drives ATM security and surveillance in India. The application is provided over web and smart phone to Monitoring of ATM data, live images view, Control the equipment, and Access Control
Future Outlook

In the coming years, the India team will enhance the product innovation in storage and alternate power usage. The team will expand to include significant SW development. The team is investing in the new areas of bi directional power conversion and efficient power conversion with enhanced capability on embedded system development. Our Indian R&D team will collaborate with other Delta R&D centers in leveraging technical strengths across groups and providing competencies that add value to Delta globally.

India team will enhance the SW capability to improve service offering to the multiple and ever growing customer needs.

Standard Industrial Power Supplies

In 2016, IPS (Industrial Power Supplies) R&D teams in Thailand and Taiwan successfully delivered many new products and received great responses for them, new products series in Panel Mount family like PMH series and PMU series. PMH series are especially designed to fulfill household requirements for coffee machines, automatic doors IEC60335 and this series are additionally certified for safety standard EN61558-2-16 especially for Power transformers used in SMPS. Another noticeable new series is PMU. The PMU series comes with a feature of battery charging and can provide up to 1.5A current for external battery charging, this gives the user to increase the battery size and thus their buffering time during power failure. The PMU series are ideal for security systems where the user can replace a UPS with PMU and additional battery thus optimizing the efficiency of whole system and match to their cost vs. performance ratio, a perfect fit for optimized solutions.

A big part of the success in IPS product is attributed to great products. With good design capabilities, IPS is able to serve a wide range of customers from the cost demanding ones to the performance centric ones. This also enables IPS to penetrate many regions in very short time.

Several new standard power supplies released for LED market LNE series and many more new medical standard power supplies, it will be another exciting year in 2017. The LNE series will have new upcoming products in Y2017 with IPS team focus on high power outdoor lighting. As Delta brand becomes more recognizable as a great standard power supply in the channels and with continuing discipline in market and product researches, IPS will continue to gain market share globally in 2017.

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